“Finding Home” A New Novel for Middle-Grade Readers

“Finding Home” An New Novel for Middle-Grade Readersby Corinne Joy Brown
Story Contributor & Illustrator Ginny McDonald

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For every girl or boy who owns a horse, or wished they did, “Finding Home” brings all the drama and beauty of America’s wild horses to the middle-grade reader.

A coming-of-age story and a tale about friendship, trust and understanding, both horse and owner have powerful lessons to learn. Together, young Jesse Nolan from Colorado and her wild mustang, Curly Girl, rounded up in Wyoming, discover what it means to rely on oneself, as well as those who love you most.

A poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to save and protect one of the American West’s most noble creatures – the Mustang.

Reviews of “Finding Home”

“Born in the flatlands of Rock Springs, Wyoming, newborn mustang Pahaska tells the heart-wrenching story of her separation from her mother and the wild horse herd she was born into. Captured by strangers, her entire world has disintegrated. Penned in the filthy, manure-filled confines of a horse hauler’s trailer, her life is changed forever. Finding Home, a 2020 Spur Finalist for Juvenile Fiction, is a brilliantly written story about the adoption of the mustang “Curly Girl” by a teen who has always dreamed of having her own horse. Ginny McDonald’s illustrations convey fine detail and emotion in the images of the horses, bringing each one to life. This heart-warming tale will appeal to those with a love for animals.”

Joni Franks, RoundUp Magazine, Western Writers of America

“This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to any animal loving young reader. Differences (equine and otherwise) are applauded, working through complicated human relationships, a philosophical, well balanced approach to difficult issues (wild horse roundups), and positive animal training techniques are included in this educational, riveting new book!”

Nancy Sachs, Director Platte Valley Pony Club

“To see the world through the eyes of a newborn filly as she grows into adulthood, or an excited young girl in search of her first horse, is a treasure found in Corinne Joy Brown’s novel Finding Home, a story of loss and recovery told in a brilliant way. The illustrations by Ginny McDonald help to refine the wonderful writing which places the reader squarely in the experience of Curly Girl and Jesse, her adopter. Finding Home is a wonderful story for our time, in consideration of the wild horses whose freedom is threatened across the West and the people who adopt the captured ones into loving homes.”

James A. Holmes CEO and Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation

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Corinne Joy Brown – Author, Artist, Speaker, Publisher

Corinne Joy Brown began her writing career in 1999 with her debut historical novel “MacGregor’s Lantern”.  Agented by Dystel Goderich & Bourret LLC literary agency of NYC and published by Five Star Books, the book gained international recognition for its exploration of the Scottish impact on the American West at the turn of the 20th century.

That novel marked the beginning of a love affair with the written word inspired by the world Corinne knows best—Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. Since then, she has published eight works, each unique, but at the same time, inspired by her fascination with the region’s history, its citizens, its culture, and it’s varied landscape.

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